Ok, my friends, The Twin Vikings Minnesota Cover is back from the colorist, I've got a stack of blanks flying over the Pacific and Master Varese is penciling away at the Strip Poker Cover to close out the Zeldara 3 Kickstarter while he inks at House Greyskull to close out the Minnesota Kickstarter,

So now that we got all that hullabaloo out of the way, time to start up next month's shenanigans,

In what I'm hoping will become a yearly tradition alongside the Anti-Valentine's Books, it is time for Faro's Fantasy Football Guide, 

I won 30K last year using my lineup system, blew 10 on myself and then used the other 20 to max out my Draftkings account every week playing for millions until there was nothing left in my account but dust in the broken wind,

It was a glorious experience and adventure into gambling dementia and fantasy sports,

And of course it will have a Mature Mashup Cover Representing the Cowboys Vs Buccaneers Opening Night Showdown,

For Dallas, how about Emma Frost as a class Cowboys Cheerleader, and the captive of the dreaded Buxom Buccaneer REDBEARD RABBIT,

And if you missed out on the Minnesota Book, it's in the Add oN Section,

Happy Shopping, this month's posters are doubled up on the Sui-Cycles so Master Varese can catch up on assignments,




Agent Carter and Agent 13 on a Cap Cycle

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