Steve Ditko has passed and I never got to thank him

It's easy for everyone to say they got into comics because of Stan Lee but that wasn't my case.  Stan will always be the man but it was the art of Steve Ditko that hooked me on Amazing Spiderman and the adventures of Doctor Strange throughout my childhood and set me on a rabid course of life that would lead to riches and poverty many times over.  

Thank the lord for you Steve Ditko

So with the announcement of the death of Steve Ditko I didn't want to bore you with another retrospective that will more than likely be lost in sea of no doubt definitely deserved millions of retrospectives.

Steve Ditko inspired me to write Spiderman fan fiction, and now as a writer with my own comics and art to broker, I would often go back to the classics for new ideas for myself as a writer and references for my artists.

So as a tribute to one of my idols and over the anger of never getting to meet him and get his autograph on my treasured beat up copy of Amazing Spiderman #15

Now I know he is notorious for not signing comics because of all the pricks that jack it up on ebay but alas, once he saw the condition of my Amazing 15 even he would know it would have no resale value.

So now as a tribute to Steve Ditko I will not review his comics, I will tell you what I am pulling from his legendary runs on Strange and Spidey and focusing on what I will use for future commissions.

I hope you enjoy the literary and art filled ride.


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