I want to write Spider-Man for Marvel.  I don't want to hear about paying dues and climbing the corporate ladder till your balls are blue.

As a writer you're ready or you're not, it's about time served, it's about what you did with your time, and while most of those supreme dorks were constantly trying to imagine a world beyond you and me, the fact of the matter is, time has caught up to them, and with Kickstarter, YouTube and Photoshop turning us all into wanna be Spielberg of the amateur and almost professional level, well then, who decides what is the best and what is backyard folly.

My years, my scars, my stories and my sins are all I need to let you know that the one thing left on my list is to add my name to the lore of The AracKnight,

I want to reboot him the way John Byrne did with Superman in 1986, and I know Marvel took a shot a reinventing him in a similar way but blew it because they didn't go all the way.

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I want to overhaul Peter Parker's origin and give it a spin of a taste of Bruce Wayne and a dash of Clark Kent.  The idea of Richard and Mary Parker as scientists working for Howard Stark on replicating the Super Soldier Serum in the fate Marvel year of 1991, an upside down tribute to the 616 Universe.

My first experience with Spider-Man was the black suit before he discovered it was an alien symbiote trying to consume his soul.

My favorite villain was Kraven the Hunter, and Kraven's Last Hunt is still one of my favorite graphic novels.

I have written a 128 page graphic novel script for The AracKnight, my mix of Spiderman with a pinch of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

I have invested the money in the concept art and even with Marvel's circle not giving me the floor I still create, produce and broker the art as a constant reminder that I am the superior writer putting out better versions of their characters.

I hope you will continue along the journey with me and I know the commissions and posters will only get cooler as we expand upon this fan fiction domination until the current brass gets replaced and they are forced to plus me in to save the numbers.  It's fun to dream, it's better to live it.

spider-man, doctor octopus, batman, the dark knight, sinister six,

Stay tuned for more art and pages from the script, as always your feedback is heavily appreciated but often ignored or ridiculed.

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