Happy Monday friends and stalkers, I had a wonderful weekend blowing off steam in the perfectly round behind of a Mexican stripper,

Writer's life, on to updates,

Jose Varese is coming up tonight to do some drawing, he had to postpone last night's appearance to the dual fact that he was feeling under the weather while still battling a cold, and I was slightly inebriated during the wild AFC Championship Game,

Sometimes life gets in the way of art,

So again, Jose will be up tonight and we shall be giving art updates and showing off the FINISHED FARO SUMMER 1867 MATURE COVER, before finally sending that melodramatic bitch off to the printers,

We just cracked 100 SUBSCRIBERS on the YouTube Channel, I need to crack 1,000 next so make sure to get on board and help make me famous,


And NEW JERSEY & ARKANSAS Books should be shipping from the printers tonight, of course the holiday fall out is still being felt across the nation, ugh fuckin holidays,

So until such updates get updated, enjoy these latest sketches from the Far East Hub of Faro's Lounge, the ultimate swan song for PRINCESS LEIA by having her center stage during our IMPERIAL AVENGERS CROSSOVER EVENT THAT MARVEL COMICS WILL NEVER FUCKING DO,

We have LEIA teaming up with BLACK WIDOW in one piece and SCARLET WITCH in the other, and on this campaign we have sold a REY & GAMORA piece,

Now I'm trying to figure out whether to order up either a REY & WASP or LEIA & VALKYRIE next,

Any thoughts True Believers, drop it on the new Kickstarter,




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