Happy Saturday my friends, I just got a 90 minute deep tissue massage from a gorgeous Russian Blonde who insisted on not talking during the intense rubdown, leaving me only to listen to the sounds of her hard breathing as she pressed on my muscles,

Damn she was good,

I decided for tax purposes, that massage was to celebrate the upcoming milestone of hitting ONE HUNDRED SUBSCRIBERS ON MY YOUTUBE,

For those of you laughing at that number, remember where you were when we hit ONE MILLION, and get your ass over there, cuz my CANNABIS & COMICS SHOW Rules and I'm about to upload another tomorrow night when Jose Varese comes by to draw another Mature Masterpiece,


After the massage, I got an email from a local dispensary, and by local I mean like 2 friggin blocks away, like they knew I was out there, spooky man,

After getting their amazing deal I am loaded up for a weekend of creating and conspiring, so let's hope my next post has a story with a happy raunchy ending,

Speaking of spanking, we have cleared out original art with every email, so this one has got the Original 11 x 17 Art from Faro's Lounge Far East Mastermind Emil Cabaltierra, 

I am putting this baby up for $250, and that package includes a SIGNED & NUMBERED RED SONJA IRON RABBIT Poster as well as a CARNAGE VS THE MANDALORIAN ZIP HOODIE SWEATSHIRT, the only thing I love wearing as part of my FARRELL APPAREL, I'll also toss in a SIGNED DIRTY DISNEY ART BOOK,

Looking forward to all inquiries,

For those not shopping for original art, take a gander at the color progress for DARTH DOOM -- WARLORD of MARS -- joined by his partner in crime DARTH TALON, 

Poster should be finished by the end of the current Kickstarter, so it will be available to be added to your poster collections and packages for the rest of the month at $12, along with the colored HOUSE ORGANA from the previous update,

Happy Hunting,




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