Happy Thursday my friends -- packages have been slowed I'm told because of winding cold conditions across the US, perhaps we have finally entered The Day After Tomorrow, complete with the shitty FX and bad child actors.

Anyway, while I wait for books and find my own forms of merry merriment (hookers, weed and Thai) check out the color update for the Joker Poker Grinch -- PATCH ED -- I'll have the nude one either later tonight or tmw a Dawn-Break -- I love saying Game of Thrones shit like that.  

And the votes have been counted and we have our 1st ever Faro's Lounge Superhero Strip Poker Champion -- and we shall show her off in her centerfold glory as soon as the inks are done.

Grab your Kickstarter goodies right here.


And for those of you collecting those Holiday Holofoils, here is the next cover on the docket -- BLUE!!!

And while I was working on the script for Zeldara 7, I actually had a recent state correction in the Buffalo Bills New England Patriots game where at the end of the tournament Draftkings was about to reward me $33K, when a last minute stat correction on Running Back James Cook, knocked me back half a fuckin point to 11th place, where I won $1000,

I was inspired during my incensed rage to write a quick and cute comic strip that will be exclusive to this book,

Happy Shopping True Believers,




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