Happy Tuesday my friends, Christian Watson torpedoed my fuckin lineups yesterday, so needless to say I didn't win the half a cake last night, but I did get two of my Best Ball lineups into Round 3 of the Millionaire tournament, then fuckin Jalen Hurts gets injured.  The fate of my empire rests on Kirk fuckin Cousins.................why!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, waiting on the arrival of the Budd Root Zeldara books and posters, as well as the Dirty Disney packages to arrive.  I always love the holiday excuses I get from the printers on obvious delays, where every year I turn into a scrooge.

I've simply believed that if you work hard enough, every day is X-Mas, but again it's just me, lonely old writer and hooker lover :)

Up above is the update for the Joker Poker Grinch LTD, as always available to all you snowblowers on the new Faro Kickstarter,


And down below is Cover 3 of our Holiday Holofoil Variants, my greatest hits for you appreciators of my ten year anniversary in the comics game, although I've been a writer since birth,

Here is the GOLD Cover, and remember, for every 60 books that go out of the Lounge, one will have a SILVER FOX ticket for a GLOW IN THE DARK METAL VARIANT -- LTD 10

Happy Shopping True Believers, these babies ship in time for Anti-Valentine's Day.




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