We lost the backer on the GWEN SKYWALKER piece today, as always a protocol I have to grow accustomed to even if it always feels like an acid laced lightning bolt directly aimed at my cock and balls,

Art is a luxury, not a necessity, and each purchase of original art is the buyer celebrating their mark in their own lives, a trophy and treasure brought back from their spoils in either the boardroom, or the bedroom,

What is food, shelter and water if not the staples of life, so when you are dealing in the business of luxuries, we must let you know why you should celebrate with us.

Anger and depression are symptoms of passion, not weakness, but it is how fast you bounce back from losses not with cliches and motivational memes, but with real actions, new ideas, and as always marketing,

So all segues aside let me show off this latest sketches from the man who will be drawing GWEN SKYWALKER, Mr Emil Cabaltierra,

This one is for all you Game of Thrones fanatics, the same ones as me who are more than likely angry with the lack of climatic goodbyes on the show this rushed season,

But in our world, it goes on forever, and this time Harley Quinn is stepping into the Dragon Queen Cosplay and riding into Cosmic Chaos with a JOKER DRAGON,

Now this baby is sold but hence, Gwen is out there, waiting for a new daddy, perhaps even a DRAGON GWEN CHANGE UP for the interested backer,

The game is afoot,




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