Ok my friends, it's time to make a deal,

First order of business is simple, I have TWO DIANA & DEADPOOL LASSO OF OOF CALIPORNIA VARIANT COVERS left in my collection,

First two people to hit me up on here for a Paypal of $50 is getting this bitch sent off to their domicile,

Next order of business is a little bit of a treat that fell into our lap, with the hope of giving off a bit of a boost here during this obnoxiously excruciating period in the middle of a Kickstarter called THE PLATEAU,

Below you will see a fabulous update of the Scooby Dooby Slave Leia Art we've been playing with,

The owner of this gorgeous piece of perverted childhood gone horribly wrong is a man with a plan out in the Kingdom of the Painted Dessert in Arizona, and he has given us permission to use this baby as a very special KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE POSTER in order to help us close the gap on the remaining 33% that is haunting my nightmares on a daily basis considering how much you people know I love anything with a 3 in it :)

So to make this baby some fun now, MASTER JOSE VARESE is going to SIGN & NUMBER 50 of THESE BABIES for you Kickstarter lovers,

The price for this numbered treasure to be attached by a very weak glue to the rest of your package is a measly $33, and with 50 on the slate, should and could we sell all 50 then that will take us far and away into the final legs of this campaign where we belong,

So take a look and let me know, for those who have active rewards on this Kickstarter, just add the necessary double 3s to your collection, and of course I may let some more posters fall out of my hand and into your package as a way of saying both thank you and fuck you for your continued generosity,

Until then, let the games begin, but not of Thrones, I'm, hating Season 8, are we just getting another Sopranos moment, ugh ugh double triple ugh,




Scooby Dooby Slave Leia

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