Master Varese got his first Covid shot today, so while he bitches through the pain and whacky side effects he still managed to finish the Lola Bunny Inks,

He's now heading back over to finish Mickey Vs Mighty and the Pixi Runner Mermaid Covers,

95% of the Nevada Packages have shipped, just waiting on more toploaders to arrive for the rest of the posters, these fuckin things are becoming rare commodities, may have to start buying 12 x 18s on the dark fn web,

So while I have to do a short detox from cannabis because I can't seem to get stoned anymore, I will be hard at work getting the scripts going for Pixi Runner #3 and of course Zeldara #4 as we finish picking out the pics for the 3DLXXX photo shoot,

Until then True Believers, both the Rubi Rojo and Lola Bunny Original Art Packages have sold, as well as the Lara & Mario Art -- But we still have the Wanda & Clea piece available to you art collectors,



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