Happy Friday, and here's some fun progress shots of our Easter Poster -- with the kind of Easter Eggs you don't need to watch some dork hit slow mo on a YouTube video to enjoy,

The 1st half of the Nevada Packages have gone out, and I'll packing the second half for shipping this weekend, even now as I type, my evil Robot self is doing the grunt work, then it has to jerk me off so I can continue typing, oops, I said too much,

Pixi Runner 2 pages are finished and at the colorist and letterer, and before Jose finishes the Pixi Runner Covers he wanted to get started on Slave Lola, then he added some Lando LePew and then turned the basketball into a Death Star and added a Carbonite Frozen Bugs to the background,

Stay Tuned True Believers, the OG Art for this baby is up for grabs, I may even add one of my last Beskards to the package,




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