Greetings my friends, after Clayton Kershaw was pulled in the middle of a perfect game and then it took 4 Mets Pitches to throw one no hitter, I have to believe this may be my farewell tour with baseball this year, as I have had it with fuckin pitch counts.

Anyway, I can bitch about this for hours, but you want some art and shit,

Well now that I have packaged the rest of the Valentine's Books and gone through the rest of the defaulted pledges and respected grace periods,

It looks like we have some leftovers,

First up on the LTDs front, we have TEN PENSACON PARADOX Books & SIX SUPER BOWL 56 LTD Books, both of which are in the Add-On section of the Kickstarter.

In 48 Hours those babies go on Ebay Auctions, so if you want them grab them now and save me the typing,

And believe it or not, we lost backers for two Blank Cover Commissions that you can see are already in progress,

First one back up for grabs, ARCHER AHSOKA -- the Hawkeye Ahsoka Tano MASHUP,

And since I was feeling lucky, I ordered up a CAPTAIN AHSOKA, when our Jedi Cherub is given the Super Soldier Serum----Yummy!

Get your goodies now at Faro's Lounge,



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