Happy Humps, I have put in the orders for the Louisiana Books and Posters, and we have just received a gigantic shipment of Zeldara Books, I'm looking forward to uniting these books with their newest parents.  Just promise to send progress pics as they grow up to steal your car :)

As always new days bring new Kickstarters, and it's time to start up the jets and head back to the future, to the year 2776, where we spike up on some Pixi Runner 4

As always there will be two covers, the first will be the Alpha Centurion Assassin, the LTD will feature a Mature Mashup of the X-Men & The Four Horsemen of Dubya C Dubya aka WCW if you didn't get that reference jackass,

As for the posters, well how about some Dr Octopussy featuring Spider-Gwen and how about this month's featured Slave Leia Centerfold -- The Scarlet Witch,

Who knows, I may have another new artist working on a Slave Clea hmmm!

Happy Shopping,




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