I'm losing feeling in my left thumb, my ass is covered in Tiger Balm from the pain in my sciatic nerve, and all the good hookers seemed to have migrated back to South America to visit their families.

Alas I hate fuckin December,

Since I said goodbye to my best pal I have left my old home behind, crashing and moving on to friends and family while drifting endlessly around this floating rock in space,

Bowling, Billiards, Batting Cages, non stop activity, and why?

I know why I don't want to go home, but all the activity, none of it is for fun, not even the fantasy sports, I take every missed shot, every missed pin, every lost lineup, like its death come running in a tidal wave,

I may have forgotten how to smile, but I have never forgotten how to laugh,

I helped a buddy cope with the loss of his best pal the other day, and suddenly I felt ok for the first time in ages, so I compete and press through the pain, because I know the metaphor now is to not only ignore the pain, but use it, pain is just passion that hasn't transformed yet, and if all it takes is a little magical tiger balm to get back to work, then fuckin all right,

Dogs are guardian angels, their time on Earth is brief, and you must honor your friendship with more than words, your actions, your endeavors, they define you, they are what helps with both coping and moving on in the true sense, not the lip service type,

Competing, pressing through pain, its another metaphor for navigating your way through this Kickstarter and comics business, 

The dream of working as a writer is too intoxicating to give up, and that means that my competitors can never be your friends, because they will always be in the way, and they don't want you to succeed because then it demeans their efforts, and proves you are as special as you say you are, or as my mom tells me I am,

If you've gotten this far then some of that literary doo doo got through to you, just know that this journey has never been a joke, even if my videos are, 

My videos are a spoof of how dramatic the competition is, at least the ones I have to plow through until I am at the top,

I just want you to know what you signed up for, and how important your role is on this journey,

It begins with a comic book, it ends with my building a fuckin time machine to get back and get my dog,

Sounds stupid, good, that's what being a great writer, proving that it can be done,

Happy Wednesday True Believers, here's some MAGIK & SUE STORM,

Kickstarter is approaching 200%, why not speed up the bloody process, Faro needs an X-Mas Elf, preferably Colombian and full of fire, 



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