Two fantastic pieces of original art are still available at Faro's Lounge, and the Scooby Piece went as fast as we put it up.

So to sweeten the pot for those tempted to make the ultimate December purchase, I will be tossing in a Signed Copy of the Wonder Woman // Deadpool Variant, which was limited to 50 copies and only available on my buddy's Ebay store.

You will get the 1/50 signed by Master Varese and little old me, and of course your choice of posters from the Faro's Lounge Gallery,

Now if that's not enough, I'll go ya one better you greedy cuss, I still have in my archives some good old Original Interior Art from the Faro Series from Slave Leia and Cavewoman Commission Assassin Emil Cabaltierra.

That's it, what else do you want, blood? sperm? bloody sperm?

Original Art from the Master JOSE VARESE, and if that's not your tax bracket just yet, then remember, that lovely PARISIAN STRIP POKER can be yours as a gorgeous Colored 11 X 17 Poster,

For those of you waiting on those SC/Paris Packages, I hope this has been worth the wait,

Excelsior, and pledge for the FARO'S LOUNGE OHIO KICKSTARTER, Bowling & Billiards are expensive study habits, especially when you still suck at it :)

Thx again for getting this far, and Happy Saturday,

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