Happy Humps you Humps, with the Dozen Mad Max Logans having all been claimed, let's see what other closed off collections can be claimed off the burner,

Representing the Field of Dreams State of IOWA, this was mostly a fun play on the Fantastic Four and Iowa being a four letter state, but I also played around with idea of Sue Storm being this sexy young genius from the Great Plains of America, and perhaps even being twins with Johnny Storm as opposed to his older sister,

Of course we can only hope that these characters are in good hands,

Signed by Cover Artist Master Varese, these are the last of my stash from the 300 we sold on Kickstarter, 17 left,

Happy Shopping, I'm waiting on more Premade Bags and Boards to arrive from the Postal Fairies, and I'll be back on the production line to ship out the last of the Zeldara and Minnesota Packages,




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