Happy Hump Day my friends, as we finish up the last pages of Pixi Runner and move on to the next chapter of Faro, I just wanted to give you a little taste of the mermaid who will be popping up in the story when we visit the planet Neptune,

Think of Pixi Runner as a Game of Thrones in Space, without the heartbreak and disappointment of a shitty season 8 while that stupid asshole novelist is pushing other shit no one cares about while we all wait for Winds of Wi----ok, I'm calm,

So up top you have a sketch of Pixi Runner and down below you have what can only be described as the efforts of a man who is as excited for Football Season as I am, or he just loves drawing some monsters and titties, or some monstrous titties, am I right, High 5, ah fuck you and your social distancing,

OK my friends, all my lineups are in for WEEK ONE, in both the opening night game and the all day Sunday Slate, which means if all goes well, I will win the million on opening night, and the million on opening day,

Or I will be out a shit ton of rent money and be forced to blow hobos for spare change,

Hee Hee, forced,

So anyone that wants to venture what this piece is, well it will be for the WEEK TWO THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME BTW the BENGAL TIGERS of CINCINNATI versus the DAWG POUND of BELIEVELAND,

So we have TEELA riding BATTLECAT representing the Cats, and Medusa & Lockjaw representing the Dogs,

Who will win?  Who cares, as long as I take the jackpot with the profits I make from you suck---er collectors,

To those interested parties, add $25 to your current pledge package and if you're gonna set up a Draftkings Accout, make sure you use my referral code,

But until then, the real link is right here,




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