Tis the culmination of another successful Kickstarter, and I now have 500 lineups ready for this opening weekend of NFL Football, which is still a mind numbing 12 days away,

Thank God we have all this fun election coverage, no anger there, right, right, fuck baseball, I keep trying to love it, but it's not football,

So, you know it's never a true Kickstarter unless we have someone backing out at the last minute,

Turns out we have two Singapore Slings available, and I'm always into challenging myself to see if any of them make it to ebay,

Life and sales can be the best video game of all, that's why I gave my Playstation to the neighbor's kid, because I was fuckin his mom, who was a neighbor, who turned out to be married, to a very, very scary man, which is why I moved out of the neighborhood, and I now hate fuckin Playstation,

So my true video game with life is now Draftkings, and I was thinking of putting up this piece of original art to celebrate the Week Two Browns vs Bengals clash on Thursday Night Football with Teela and Battlecat repping the Kingdom of Cincinnati and Lockjaw and Medusa representing the Kingdom of Cleveland,

I was thinking of putting it up as the top prize in a Draftking tournament I was going to set up,

Possibly looking for about 50-100 people to get involved at $20-25 a head, just some math project I'm tinkering with that gives everyone a shot at $600 piece of art for $25 and somehow I end up selling the art for more than I planned by taking a nice rake off the contest,

AHhhhhhhh America,

Well then, enjoy the inks, and add $25 if you want the Browns Bengals Fantasy Football Guide added to your package,




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