Happy Monday fuckers, don't you just hate phony cheers, I mean it's Monday, in my particular corner of the universe that may as well be fuckin Tuesday,

Ok Updates,

The rest of the Zeldara packages have shipped, aside from those waiting on Blank Cover Commissions,

Emil has finished the pencils on the last 6 pages of Pixi Runner 2, and the rest of the pages are being colored and lettered as we speak,

Up above we have the color updates on the Cable & Domino Nevada Knights Cover, which will go off to the printer the second I put the logo and letters on it,

Master Varese is coming up to Faro's Lounge tmw to sign some books, so I look forward to sending out the Nevada and Anti-Valentine's Books over the course of next week,

Onto some new business, 

So in an attempt to reorganize the Faro Novels into 64 page comic book volumes, as to avoid the Graphic Novels becoming TOO BIG to ship wo injury or an armed bodyguard to deliver it, I played around with some new formats,

And for one format I went WAAAAy TOO BIG,

9 x 12 and 64 pages, I have officially emulated old school Amazing Spiderman and made a GIANT SIZE FARO 1 -- with a re colored Majesty,

Jose Varese and I have signed & numbered all 25, and they won't be made again, so if you're a collector of all those weird and nostalgic, I have added them to the new Kickstarter for $25,

I even made a cute little Youtube Vid showing off the size and signatures of the GIANT SIZE FARO BOOKS,


25 for 25 -- it's like an underachieving baseball prospectus on ESPN,

Happy Shopping my friends, and I shall have some Mermaid Cover Updates before the Kickstarter Close,




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