Happy Tues, or is it Wed, oh who the fuck cares, we got Mermaids and Mice for you here,

Up above you see our Mainstream Mermaid Cover, featuring CASSIA'PEA the Princess of Neptune, who will be the Daenerys Targaryen of my universe, without the shitty Season 8 rush job of course,

Down below, Master Varese is playing with background concepts for our Mickey Vs Mighty Poster, featuring a captive Wonder Woman in what can only be the ultimate metaphor for Disney trying to destroy every franchise left to the imagination,

To those who know the famous issue I'm referencing, I will send you a very special vapor prize, which is basically me farting into an envelope and giggling at the thought of you opening it,

Stay tuned True Believers, and show your love on the old Kickstarter,




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