Happy Monday my friends, well for those of you who didn't adopt a ride or die policy with their FRC stock,

For those of you who want to send funeral flowers to my fuckin pension, feel free to find me floating head down in the Fort Lauderdale canal,

This was my biggest loss since I traded Draftkings on margin, so needless to say, it's time to move some fuckin product and wipe away the loss,

That being said, I had a chance to finally enjoy a legendary Alberta Steak at Caesar's Steakhouse and even hung out in downtown Stephen Ave while they did the Calgary Expo Cosplay Parade,

Then it was off to Vegas for Amazing Con to finally meet up with my distributor, the lovely Melinda of Melinda's Comics, and yes, she is that lovely in person,

With mission accomplished I was also able to meet up with one of my newest Rare & Exotic Acquisitions, the lovely LOLO VAN LOM, who helped me recreate the iconic Pixi Runner 1 Cover,

She SIGNED each of the LTD 100 books and I smuggled these fuckers in my luggage all the way across the US, so appreciate the love by grabbing a copy, and you just may have a Pixi pop out into your life,

Just don't ask her for stock tips,

Available in the Faro's Lounge store, each copy includes shipping and I always toss in a free bagged and boarded mystery book,

Happy Hunting,


And for those of you who missed out on the Sui-Cycle St Pete Comic Con LTD -- I have 25 of these babies remaining in the till, and I love reflecting this Starfire Holofoil off the Starlight,

Happy Shopping,




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