Happy Hump Day, some quick updates,

I believe I have mentioned all Anti-Valentine's 5 have shipped, both from me and my printer in Arizona for those of you still waiting to complete your packages,

I just had Master Varese at Faro's Lounge, and he signed the remaining Yakuza Jessica's which in the Holofoil glowing against the light is officially my favorite cover of all time,

For those of you who missed out, I will have them on the store as soon as I'm done filling Kickstarter pacakges,

The next wave goes out today, and the final wave will go out once I have the rest of the Velma posters back from the printer, which will be this wknd,

With that being said, I will be shipping the Missouri's ahead of schedule, as I should have the finished Sharpshooter Cover by this wknd,

Until, enjoy the next rise on Faro's American Safari,

RHODE ISLAND -- With a whole lot of Fuckin BARONESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


And on to new news -- as you know I have in my possession the Original Cover Art for the American Safari Louisiana Cover Art -- featuring Popeye and Olive Oil,

As a giant Popeye fan from birth, I am tempted to keep it, but as you long time readers know, I am a nomad, so besides from my dick and my dog, I don't hold on to anything for too long,

I'm upping the ante for those who dare purchase this package,

First we have the original Jose Varese art itself, and I have already added my LAST COPY of the Faro's Lounge Holiday Holofoil -- GLOW IN THE DARK METAL COVER LTD 10 -- I have decided to add one more prize to this purse before I pull it all off the table and mount this fucker on my wall and call it,

I have just received back into my possession the last copy of an old Holofoil LTD where the backer has seemingly vanished,

So we have my last copy of the PIXI RUNNER 4 LTD 150 FOUR X-HORSEMEN COVER -- featuring MAGIK, EMMA, PSYLOCKE & ROGUE -- signed by Cover Artist JOSE VARESE,

All this is included in the Popeye Original Art Package -- at your favorite store Faro's Lounge,




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