Here are the latest sketches from the futuristic saga we know as Pixi Runner,

Emil has assured me all 12 are being sketched first then inks, this way the whole dozen will float over to Bryan and then Ed and then the Printer and then Santa Fuckin Claus, so be patient and enjoy the process,

And speaking of enjoying, Hique has finally come back with the ink updates for the MASSACHUSETTS Cover -- featuring Wanda Maximov as The Scarlet Witch Doctor and her Pixi Wasp,

Hique has told me his colorist has top priority on getting the ladies finished, perhaps we can get Massachusetts, Georgia and Pixi Runner all shipping at the same time, 

I'm sure there will be no screw ups there :)---

So before I drop the updated cover let me just say this first, I attempted to go back on Tinder to attempt dating in the almost post Covid world,

Five hours in and after being texted over and over by women who were already acting like we were fuckin dating,

But I kept telling myself, patience, patience Faro, it can't always be hookers and strippers, that may start to bore the readers,

So I went back with the texting, engaging in casual boring conversation and exchanging pics of dogs and enduring relentless details before I make inquiries of meeting up before they are deflected by setting a future date and asking more relentlessly boring questions about my food preferences,

So I slip out to the pool for my workout and by the time I get back I see why she is on Tinder,

First -- How is your workout?

Second Text -- Are you still swimming?

Third -- Guess you're not back yet,

Fourth -- Working Hard Today,

Fifth -- Ok, I guess I'll catch up with you later,

Are you fuckin kidding me, this is what I'm talking about,

I tell myself if there is a sixth text, I'm going to go off on this annoyance and try to educate her on the TILT, which is when you have just sent too many texts and you have lost out on the score, 

Believe me, I have been on the wrong side of the fuckin TILT too many times not to smell it coming,

Suddenly there is a sixth text,

I go to look and it's a different number,

Turns out, there was this Argentinean stripper back in town,

Sooooooooo, I downloaded Hulu and enjoyed an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia mini marathon while puffing my cannabis pen and driving to Miami and telling myself the same sentence over and over again,


Excelsior Bitches, I love Hookers and Strippers,

If you want in on the Massachusetts Cover, drop $20 on your pledge packages,



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