Happy Wednesday my friends, we are 24 hours away from Major League Baseball saving me from throwing nightly temper tantrums because they only give you 20 fuckin minutes to get your lineups in at 5:10 in the fuckin morning where your eyes are like pudding and you're trying to take down Korean Baseball,

So thankfully, it's back to hating on the Yankees and Sawxxxxxxx,

So Massachusetts Covers are finished and my man Hique is thankfully beaten the Brazilian Bug Blues and is back at his artist table,

For those of you who missed out on the Massachusetts campaign you can add either issue for a $20 spot to your current pledge package or you can wait till I mark it up $5 when I add it to the store, leading you to sit on ebay till I send you a $5 off coupon, thereby continuing this vicious cycle of frugality,

So onto a question of morals and ethics before i drop the Kick Link,

I was walking Baby the Bulldog when I happened upon a small gathering of some very attractive hippie type girls, with small handful of older dudes in the wake,

As they were fawning all over the dog I inquired as to whether this was an artists meeting or even perhaps a Scientology cult get together, I mean I didn't care, there was a nice mix of gals on the canvas, just sitting in lounge chairs and enjoying the heat,

It was an AA meeting,

Now I always imagined the meetings a lot different then this, mostly people in jackets chain smoking like on Shameless,

But I was slowly having an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia moment, where I was about to pretend to be looking for a meeting and join them for the evening outdoor discussion,

But then I realized I was walking my dog and i was wearing my Justice League pajamas and Alien V Predator Hoodie, so I looked about as appealing as a night with Brie Larsen, fuckin twat,

So I said my goodbyes, and promptly went home to jerk off all over myself, calling it a loss,

But then, i started to contemplate,

So I ask you,

Is it wrong to attend an AA meeting and, you know, blend in, in order to meet chicks,

I mean, I am a sex addict, so it's the same ballpark, and I am not a big fan of excessive alcohol, and these chicks don;t even drink,

Ahh, at the end of the day, I'm just a dude out walking his dog, looking for new and creative ways to get laid,

But then I think about all the bitching and complaining that women tend to do,

And I think, and I think,

Then I think about you the readers,

And what you would do,

So I immediately started texting a stripper,

:)--------------------------- Dursh,,,,,,,

Until next time friends and fables,




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