Merry Post-X-Mas -- I celebrated like a typical proud Jew and feasted on Chinese Food and Baked Lemon Ricotta Cookies from my sister's attempt at pastry chef in her later years,

They were pretty good, but I'll never tell her :)

So what started as a great X-mas with family under a brisk Floridian Winter, I was also happy to see all of my 25 for 25 Sue Storm Holofoils flew off the digital shelves, and of course the last of my Halloween Holofoil are now claimed,

So everything was going great, 

And then came the kickoff,

I was in the last round of the fantasy football playoffs, and apparently all the members of the Detroit Lions and San Fran-fuckin-Sisco 49ers got the fuckin memo and decided to go out and play like the fuckin WNBA,

Its amazing how the same bastards who carry you to the playoff prominence are the same ones to flat tire you at the moment of possible triumph,

So I am not taking home the million dollars, I'm taking home a strained throat and the constant awkward stares from my neighbors as the old man who is screaming at a TV at 11pm at night calling for the death of Brock Purdy and whoever told Deandre Swift to run into the center of the fuckin line instead of getting me the 3 goddam points I needed to at least take home a couple of grand,

Ugh, Ugh, Double Triple fuck fantasy football,

That being said, I have to make lineups for the Thursday Game, so here we have some updates,

I was holding some books for my fellow internet sellers, 50 books to be exact, but let's just say I caught the store owner talking some shit and making the type of comments that would get me on a plane armed with a debit card to buy a baseball bat and a belt sander,

But I decided to tell him to fuck off instead,

So, as it turns out, the 25 for 25 Sue Storm SOLD OUT Special now has 15 more books -- in the ADD-ON section of course, this of course is the actual last of the stash set aside for a former seller of mine,

I also have 30 of my SNOW BLACK Holofoils now back up for grabs, which are now in the ADD-ON section as my "30 for 30" special,

So an anti-semite seller is now fucked on foils,

What can I say other than, Merry Post-X-Mas and Happy New Year True Believers,

Your Treasures await,



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