I just put in the orders for the Faro's Lounge North Carolina Riverdale Sketchbooks and Jose is making ground on the Anti-Valentine's Day Sketchbooks.

For those waiting on the CaliPornia & Arizona Sketchbook packages, I'm happy to report I've sent out the final packages this morning,

Well now that I'm properly broke this week and letting rich gentlemen use my holes like a jungle gym in order to write more dribble, let's show off some more lovely commissions and plug the Kickstarter,


Power Girl and Elvira Mashups always get me going, especially when the man responsible for making it happen is will be working on the sequel to that piece with a Red Sonja Power Girl Mashup,

Sorry she's sold, as is the one below, as always let us know your dream mashup, or check out all the mature mashups we have at the lounge,

So many listings have been added, reward my hard fucking work so I can afford the Asian masseuse, preferably tomorrow morning,


As for Action Comics 18 -- we picked things up a notch this month as we have woman pretend to be stranded on the side of the road just as a Senator is making a late drive home,

Ironically enough, the Senator driving home was in fact Bill Clinton, who was already coming back from banging a hooker while waiting for Hilary's hit squad to clean up the "mess"

As just joking, it's just old Ultra Humanite, who has mind melded into a woman and drugs the senator to take provocative photos of him to use for blackmail,

What I want to know is, if Ultra Humanite is mind melded with a woman, does he endure in his own wicked fantasy of being with dudes, and if so, does he harbor hardcore sexual feelings for Superman masked in utter hatred,

I leave you that disturbing shit my friends,





Power Girl as Elvira

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