Greetings lads and lasses, with the Bane Chopper original art now sold, all that remains of the first Batman Villains Chopper series is this last piece of original art, Zatanna & Batgirl on a Riddler Roadster, available of course on the Anti Valentine's Sketchbook,

My plan after that baby sells, is go either in the direction of Superman Topless Chopper Posters or possibly going the Fantastic Four Route,

After seeing how well the Sue Storm commissions have been selling, and with our old idol Smilin Stan telling endless tales in that golden comic book store in the sky, I felt I'd be a chubb not to dive back into the void of old school Fantastic Four tales.  I dug into the virtual universe and bought the first four Essential Fantastic Four Volumes, eager to pull out all sorts of Alternate Universe Sue Storms to match the current commissions in the works,

So far I'm up to Fantastic Four #4, when the Torch goes off slumming to pick up hobo women and play some dice in the Bowery, where he just happens to run into Namor, the Sub Mariner, who then beats the shit out of everyone and goes back into the ocean to wreak some havoc and stir up some Aquaman like hijinks,

But since they are no redheads underwater looking to fire bomb Johnny Depp's career, old Namor takes  a chance to make a move on Sue Storm and offer her the chance to be his QUEEN NAMORA and join him in rebuilding the Kingdom of Atlantis,

Well I just jumped on that shit, but, but, but, we already sold a SPLASHDOWN SUE Commission, which features Sue Storm as a mermaid with a King Namor, so if I was going to do a NAMORA piece, I needed to add something new,

So I came up with MANTA & NAMORA, can you guess who her lover is, perhaps this commission will feature the severed head of NAMOR, as a way of really capturing some Game of Thrones meets Atlantis kind of vibe,

Its all between me, Emil's watercolors, and of course, you the buyer of this Rare & Exotic Art Acquisition, :)

Since you've been so patient, I will give the quick breakdown of Action 19 and then you are off to ogle SQUIRREL GIRL in THE STEEL BIKINI,

Ultra Humanite is back, Ultra Humanite hates Superman, Ultra Humanite has a fruity ass name, Ultra Humanite is in love with Superman, 

So he releases a Purple Plague across Metropolis, then goes to mind meld with a scientist so he can discourage the scientist trying to make the antidote that he is a failure and well,

Ugh, this is too stupid for words, but, it did give me the ultimate inspiration with how to really give this story a fresh start without being officially or unofficially on Earth of Earth-9778544,

Our story will take place thousands, perhaps even millions of years in the future,

And it will take place on a terra-formed MARS

Which was Terra-Formed by the destruction of Earth,

To be continued True Believers, until then check out some bad ass Strong Sleeve Shirts, even football team repped with a monster on the front, at the new Farrell Apparel section,




Squirrel Girl as Slave Leia

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