Happy Monday mofos, I just got an amazing massage complete with Happy Ending, so I have fully rewarded myself for shipping out 95% of the Dirty Disney Deuce Books this weekend,

I look forward to your happiness and reviews, and I'll be taking care of the last 5%, which is the Cheeburger Cheeburgers and Original Art packages once more supplies arrive from their various hubs,

Also I am restructuring the Faro Novels again, which I will cover in next month's Kickstarter, either way, it's always fun on the production line at Faro's Lounge

Zeldara 2 books have arrived at my HQ, and Jose Varese is popping up this week to sign and number along with start the cover for Pixi Runner 2, so we will those packages all shipping by the following weekend,

Pixi Runner 2 Pencils and Inks are halfway done, and up top you see the finished colors for ANTI-VALENTINE's 3, hell we even started up the pencils and inks for Zeldara 4

Down below you have the KNULLIFIED KING HE-MAN & VENOMIZED TEELA, we just need to add some more Castle Grayskull in the background then we'll be ready for colors,

See you on the other side True Believers,




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