Here are the 1st sketches for Rachel Summers aka DARTH VERANUS, who will be joining her mother JEAN GREY in this piece, aka DARTH PHOENIX

I'm hoping this will kickoff an idea I have where Darth Plagueis would use Jean as his vessel to telepathically recode the Mutant DNA with Midichlorians, thereby turning all the X-Men into SITH.

Just a random thought as I torture myself watching some amateur football team that I think stole the Oakland Raiders uniforms and played a fuckin prank on three hours of my life for that embarrassing performance.

So again I am a fantasy football loser, but a Kickstarter winner, we are already at 50% and if you look at the Marvel Universe Series 2 Card above, you will see the inspiration behind this piece.

Let me know what you think and come at me with all of your X-Men Sith Lord Hybrid Mature Ideas,



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