It happened again, and I thought we might be immune to this, someone squatted on a Commission and then left high and dry with one day left on the Kickstarter,

SAVAGE SCARLET is back on the market,

I know we have to always factor in these inconveniences when working on this magical platform that is crowdfunding, but I still have to reach out and vent to you guys, because I still take every loss of a backer personally, whether its a $10 digital or a $600 Varese Cover,

It has jackshit  to do with the money, or even the art, we have yet to successfully flip a piece even after someone squats on it, and even when the reasons are valid, my anger is still genuine,

I HATE LOSING BACKERS, It affects me, it makes me feel I'm not doing good enough a job as a writer, that the cannabis and the hookers are a distraction instead of a reward, that my adventures aren't good enough,

I think about quitting and trying to attempt being an adult, all because of backers,

You are my lifeblood, my profits and my audience, and I want to make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, entertain you, entice you, do all these things with the power of my words enhanced by some of the greatest pencils in the game Jose Varese, Emil Cabaltierra and Hique,

I lost my entire day wallowing in bullshit self pity, and then Jose Varese got on the phone and said the line he's been trained to say every time I go into Howard Hughes mode,


It sounds a lot more intimidating with a thick Cuban accent, and he's right, 

So I apologize for the melodrama of tonight's blog, but I always promised if it's in me its on the page, and I write the same way I pillage, RAW,

I want to take this time to thank those of you who have been joining us on a quarterly and now monthly basis.

I am doing this full time now, and I intend to keep it that way,

I'm factoring in what stunts and sluts to chase, all for the story value they provide, as my own personal pleasure and power is now and forever will be directly connected to these stories and sketchbooks we are honored to put out in that chaos we call reality.

This is your man Faro signing off,


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