So it's time to pull the plug on my bowling adventure.  My thumb is fucking killing me, and it's been six months since the death of my best pal and my score is progressively getting worse,

But will I give up, will I just cave and give you readers no good standing role model for you to look up to,

Yes, absolutely fuckin yes,

Baseball season is starting, and while I will never sell my bowling ball since the name BABY is engraved on it, I did however sell the fuckin DDP Yoga, ugh Own Your Life, I was almost committed to this but every twelve seconds he would say, 

"Own your Life!"

He kept finding ways to just shoehorn those 3 fuckin words to a point where I was walking around my place finding ways to put it into my daily routine,

I'm gonna shit with my feet on the wall, cause I'm gonna own my life,

I'm gonna covet my neighbor's wife, cause I'm gonna own my life,

I'm gonna stick my dick in this here bowl of Cream of Wheat, cause I'm gonna own my,

As you can see we shall be here for a while,

OK my friends, the NC Books have shipped from the printers, I just have to wait on my doorstep like a jackass for their arrival, as well as all the new commissions from Emil Cabaltierra,

So what to do while I wait, if the DDP Yoga sold on Ebay, and the bowling ball is now firmly encased in the back of my car,


Already shopping for a bat, gloves, and God willing in Florida, an open field batting cage,

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's hitting in a hallway,

Well my friends, I'd review Action Comics 25, but to be honest, you want to get down to a hot ass topless Scarlet Witch along with a Sheriff Vision,

And to tell you the truth, Superman takes on a villain who looks like the Arabian Hypnotist from Mike Tyson's Punch Out, the one who beat you 500 times and made you smash the controller before you finally beat him with or without the cheat code,

So until then my friends, check out the new Anti Valentine's Day Sketchbook on Kickstarter,




Red Dead Wanda and Sheriff Vision

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