Happy Hump Day my friends, I'm being dragged off to the Keys to drown in a storm, since my stupid ass friend needed to plan a fuckin fishing trip during the fuckin pre-season, 

But hey, I don't have too many friends left, soooo

Here is the finished inks for Faro's Fantasy Football Guide, featuring Redbeard the Buxom Buccaneer Vs The Frosty Cheerleader, available in the Add-On Section of course, and if you need to know how to use the fantasy guide beyond whacking off to the cover, check out my YouTube Channel,


And with the first batch of PIXI RUNNER #3 pages arriving this week from my man in the Far East, I was inspired by the new episode of What If?

So for any and all interested art collectors, I just ordered a new Blank Cover Commission starring CAPTAIN CARTER, as she is the LASSO'D CAPTIVE OF THE LOVELY & AGGRESSIVE DIANA of the AMAZON SHORES,

Happy Shopping,




Ahsoka Tano Vs Wonder Woman

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