Happy Sunday my friends, I've been making lineups like a madman possessed, so we have lots of links and winks and sinks and tricks, damn I missed out on the rhyme scheme, don't judge me,

So while I wait on the arrival of a ton of books and flash mailers, take a look at these lovely ladies representing those squads of Gladiators in that league we call the NFL,

This is the cover of Faro's Fantasy Football Guide, with Redbeard representing the Pirate Port of Tampa and the lovely Emma representing those Damn Cowboys,

If you're looking to get started before the book is finished, I have been setting up my lineup models on my Youtube channel right here, warning, I curse a fuckin lot, it's a passionate game with a lot of money on the line,


And of course you can pick up this book for your collection in the Add-On section, and it will come with a digital copy so you are guaranteed to have it before Kickoff,


And for those of you looking for a different kind of fix, I just got turned onto a new site called Prize Picks, where you bet on Over/Unders for individual players and stats, 

It's even more specific than Draftkings and I get $25 for every referral signup, plus they are matching deposits up to $100,

Since I have pulled in $100 in stock so far with our Robinhood referral challenge let's try it out again, this time with a fun laptop sticker,

Here is my code for Prize Picks, check it out and if you signup and I get my $25 referral fee, you will get this lovely FLASH Vs VENOM laptop sticker for you cyberbox,

I get more money to lose, and you get some comp-candy,

http:// https://app.prizepicks.com/sign-up?invite_code=PR-SA7X3E8



Buccaneers Vs Cowboys

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