Happy freakin Monday you lovely mother fuckers,

I am moved into my new studio apt, deep in the heart of the Lake Worth Arts District and I hope to land me both a hot tattooed artist in training along with the millionairess who finances her operations,

Stay tuned my friends, for the man you know as Faro has been resurrected,

Speaking of which, I hope you will all join me on my new YouTube show live from my place,

Of any questions I ever paid attention to, the most important has always been inquires about my writing process,

So that is basically my radio show,

I tried Twitch but that was for gamers, now I where I know to be, and I hope you will tune in to my live podcasts and streams, which will split in two,

Show 1 -- Comics & Cannabis -- Marvel Mashups First we go through the entire Marvel Library Comic by Comic and take you through how we create all of our Mature Marvel Mashups -- we will be tackling THE AVENGERS from 1963 all the way to today and splish splashing in random titles till we finish all the A's

Show 2 -- Comics & Cannabis -- The Writing Lab,

We attempt to merge GOTHAM & GAME OF THRONES into our own 13 Episode Show called METROPOLIS to pitch to HBO complete with concept art to create, sell and flip,

For this we will be tackling the entire DC Comics Library starting with Action Comics 1937 to today and yes, splish splashing in the rest,

My YouTube link is here, make sure to Subscribe,


and I hope you will join me, since I just took out a year lease on this place and I don't intend on getting a real fucking job unless its a handjob from a rich artist or again her rich divorced and horny benefactor,

But until then, I have one finished Jersey Cover, and I will post them both as soon as Sanju sends over the other,

For now you will have to just enjoy this HOT ASS REY & LEIA TOPLESS MANDALORIAN CHOPPER POSTER,

For a very merry X-mas bonus, and since I really enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker despite what the reviews say, This special poster is available as a $12 add on for the final leg of this Kickstarter Campaign,

Hope you see Rise of Skywalker, and I hope sweaty Rey becomes the next Slave Leia,

and yes, the uncensored version is on the Kick Link,




Rey and Leia on a Mandalorian Chopper

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