Merry X-Mas my friends, this is the most unconventional X-Mas I have ever had, because I am currently in the ICU at Delray Hospital, staring at my best pal, my father, connected to tubes,

My folks were in a bad car wreck, and thankfully my mother is now home, 

I was selfishly and playfully trying to get a rise out of my father by telling him if he wasn't up in time I was going to broadcast my latest youtube video with him in the background unconscious,

But then I didn't want to embarrass him in front of all these cute nurses,

I hear news he will pull through, but I won't smile till he's looking back at me, and I know as an art lover who taught me everything he knows, he would kick my ass and call me a pussy if I didn't get my ass back to work instead of hiding behind his injured ass,

The only thing that ever gets you through the worst moments of your life is remembering what makes your life worth living in the first place,

And I have the greatest job in the world,

So since life is too short, here's a preview of next month's poster,

Up above is another gorgeous commission, and to give you a quick update now that the family excuses from my artists will almost be null and void come midnight,

2 pages to go on Faro Summer 1866, then the cover has to be colored,

12 pages need to be colored and lettered on Zeldara, Epps is doing all 14 pages of colors and letters for both issues since I lost my other colorist,

I picked up a new Cover Colorist who has finished the Jason Jersey Cover, so I am just waiting on the finished FREDDY,

Once that is done, Arkansas and Jersey will go to printing and then shipped together,

I will show off the Jason & Freddy together once they are both in my hands,

Jose moved the Orco on the She-Ra Skeletor piece so you can see more of her ass,

And Harley // Jessica inks are done and he's going to colors,

As for January's plans, the cover will be for the state of MICHIGAN and the Cover will be an R-Rated HARLEY QUINN SPECIAL alongside her new partner ROBOCOP

Instead of a sexy safe cover variant, there will be MATURE & ROBO-HARLEY Variants,

The featured 11x17 Poster will continue the Topless Chopper Tradition, this time with a special Vintage Riverdale piece starring BETTY & VERONICA,

Let me know what you think, and jump aboard the latest Faro Kickstarter,



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