Happy Thirsty Thursday my friends, I just got my batteries recharged by a Spanish Angel with granite massage hands and now it's time to show you babies the finished inks for the Rubi Rojo Special,

As always this baby was part of the Gingers & Gamers Kickstarter and yanked off by Warner Brothers for their disapproval of my Pepe & Lola interpretations,

So you can get your Kickstarter packages here,

For you original art fans, I haven't heard back from the original buyer of the LOLA & PEPE ORIGINAL ART, so that baby is now for sale in the Blue Harvest Collection,


And now moving on to the new Kickstarter, check out this Slave Ahsoka Sketch, I have decided since the Widow Ahsoka sold so fast, it was time to order an AHSOKA--VISION Blank Cover Commission,

I think the same way we had the Happy Harley Days Commissions Collection, we may soon have enough Ahsoka's for her own book, at least another Dirty Disney :)

I may have also ordered another commission to get a new Redheads collection going, so let's just say I've called this piece UNDERSEA IVY, featuring a playdate between Ivy & Ariel,

Happy Hunting True Believers,




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