Happy Monday, oh who am I kidding, I lost my ass in football on Sunday, and those pricks with the algorithmic asses that need computers to bang their wives beat my ass into a possible state of submission,

But if it is a metaphor for life, yee must get back up and get back in the game, and try to avoid sending a computer virus to all of your asshole friends who feel the need to post motivational memes and quotes on their pages like they're trying to help you when they're just screaming out in social media for help.

Until we all swim above the abyss, enjoy Sailor Moon and Samus Aran riding a Voltron Sui-Cycle, and grab yourself a copy of Zeldara 1984,

I understand sometimes the only way to sell a comic book is to slap a #1 on it, but if I have to do that to sell better, then why don't I just bend over now so you can stick the electrical chord in my ass, because I make comic books, not marketing chips,

To this day hanging on my wall is my 9.0 copy of Amazing Spider-Man 252 -- first appearance in the black costume when he got back from Secret Wars, the slab is cracked because I dropped it when I was hanging it on my wall, it's not locked in a fuckin vault where no one can see it,

But I guess in order to sell it today, Marvel would have to call it Amazing Spider-Man #1 ANNIHILATION BLACK MUERTA, but hey that's just me being angry, I need a rescue from an Amazon,

Always remember, the difference between and every other writer you're reading, my adventures were real, and are only topped by the fantasies that inspired them.

Until tomorrow my friends,




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