Happy Humps you Humps, I just got the colors in for the Harley 1984 LTD Zeldara Variant, and I just got a crate of poster tubes taking my entire closet,

So as of now, we have railroaded around the toploader crisis, anyone who needs a replacement for a damaged poster, just let me know, sometimes in the field of battle, there are casualties,

Speaking of which, after watching the Season Finale of What If? on Disney Plus, I added a STEEL BIKINI CARTER to the Commissions List, should there be any parties down with a Buff Brit donning the Slave Leia Fare,

And I am starting a new venture next month, going into the world of Fantasy Sports Cards, with my usual Faro's Lounge Twist,

I'm going to take my passionate perversion for fantasy sports and my skills and imagination and we are going to try something cool, hoping to have as much fun as I did with the BESKARDS, which we start doing trade ins for Original Interior Art as soon as I send out the last Beskard Combo from this month's Kickstarter,

As for the Card Content, let's just a Sexy Pirate going after George Washington,

Stay Tuned True Believers, half of the Harley's are Sold, grab the other half now,




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