Happy Thursday folks, it's about 5 in  the morning and I'm about to settle in to watch some MLB Baseball live from Tokyo, and I fuckin swear if I oversleep one more time and forget to get my 1pm lineups in I am going to feed my phone to a wood chipper, 

God I hate fuckin Spring Training schedules,

So anyway, the buyer of the SAVAGE SHE-HULK has vanished from relevance, so to any and all who want a piece of this Emerald Fox that Marvel intends to desexualize and eventually destroy, at least you know we will preserve her to her fully functioning Amazon goodness,

I knocked her down to $325 so let's see who jumps,

I have started sending out the NC & Valentine packages, so I look forward to your reviews as you acquire this dark tale,

Also Hique is now working on FIVE NEW CHOPPER POSTERS, as you can see below we have BLACK WIDOW & CAPTAIN MARVEL ON A THANOS CHOPPER,

Stay tuned friends, and don't forget to pledge,





Captain Marvel and Black Widow on a Thanos Chopper

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