Happy Saturday folks, I did a father son day to take my mind off the fact that love is poison,

Just kidding you unhappy cusses, it's Saturday, I just downed a delicious Chicken Katsu Roll, and even though Jose fuckin Varese is off in Chicago at C2E2, I am back here in cold ass rainy Florida feeling sad, burying my sorrow in sushi, when all of a sudden what should come over the cyberwire,

New inks from Emil Cabaltierra,

Of course I get to be the first to sift through them as I figure out which ones to show off first and entice those of you into shelling out some hard blue digital currency to get commissions of your own,

Now, as any good art broker should do, I have to tell you that the artist has outdone himself, that it's the best commission I've ever seen, blah blah fucking blah how the hell do you sound genuine after showing off so many commissions,

Well, let's just say when I saw this commission inks, appropriately titled SUE STORMBORNE, as a Mature Mashup of Khalessi Danearys Targaryen and Sue Storm with a little Impossible Man thrown in for good measure as a Warlock,

And when I got the inks, this was the first absolute official time I wanted to tell the buyer that it was no longer for sale, 

I was gonna tell the buyer that it got lost or destroyed in transit and I would fully refund him for the loss,

That's how bad I want this piece,

I get to own every piece I order for a short moment, I get it from my travels, I take it out, put it in a toploader, mount it on my wall for one night, then pack it off to it's new home,

It's a process I have come to love and cherish, and it's an honor to continue to do it for you, every single day, every single day, ey ey,

I hope you like this piece as much as I do, and I hope the new owner of this classic shot will mount her in a place of extreme egotistical eternity,

And since I loved this shot so much but can not mount her I have already ordered THREE MORE DRAGON MASHUP COMMISSIONS,

The next three ladies up for the Khalessi Makeover will be


Come claim your piece of the Storm.





Sue Storm as Khalessi

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