Welcome to the Jungle my friends, who am I to rest on 100%, with so many lovely pieces of art going off to wonderful homes, 

I hope you enjoy all the art, but my selfish side also hopes you enjoy the stories we feature in every sketchbook

If you like what you see, tell a friend.  My goal as a writer to kick my monthly reader subscriptions from 100 currently to 250 and I want to kick up my quarterly from 250 to 1,000

Why do I tell you these things, because why the fuck not.  I feel like your whole life stupider, inferior, closed minded people will always tell you to that you talk too much and live outside of reality,

Then you realize if the alternative is to be like them, normal, boring, mediocre and complacent,

Be a writer, be honest, work hard enough for only one goal beyond money and pussy, 

Work hard enough to tell everyone else to go fuck themselves, and do it from the bar stool of the bar you own.

Excelsior Bitches,  read my new book, click  click



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