The CaliPornia Edition of Faro's Lounge is rolling towards 200% as I roll towards my life long goal of making $10K a month and retiring to a cruise ship for the rest of my days.

You think I'm joking, I've done the research and ask yourself what is better, retiring to a gated community in Florida where you spend endless arguing with an HOA board made up of people with major security and self importance issues.

world of warcraft

Not that I've had any experience threatening these people's lives, well maybe, who the fuck are you to ask :)

My friends, there are two more additions to Faro's Lounge -- so if you are fan of our work, do me a fuckin favor and spread the link to either your friends and family, and if you should have neither of the latter and are a reclusive like myself who hates the human race but must  coexist until my alien race of ET people come back to the planet to drop off my shit, well then at least we have each other :)

Excelsior bitches, hope you love the new art, check out the new Kickstarter when u get a chance, Cali-Pornia will be our finest sketchbook yet

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