Happy Monday folks, I have a pile of freshly arrived NEW YORK SKETCHBOOKS to Pack & Ship & Bless, so I'll make this short and sweet,

Jose just sent over the inks for the SHE-RA & SKELETOR PIECE -- which will be representing the FARO'S AMERICAN SAFARI SOUTH DAKOTA EDITION, 

Now while I love me some She-Ra, and having her riding bareback with Skeletor on a Grayskull Chopper rules, I just felt like something was missing in order to give this cover the proper MATURE RATING,

After a proper phone consultation, and a few puffs of the magic dragon pipe, Master Varese & I found a perfect solution,

Rather then me telling you, I figure I'd let you pick it out yourself,

Let me know what you think, and as always check out the latest Kickstarter, 




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