She-Ra & Skeletor on a Chopper -- HAPPY HARLEY-DAYS w/ Jessica Rabbit

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She-Ra & Skeletor on a Chopper -- HAPPY HARLEY-DAYS w/ Jessica Rabbit

Updates for all, The New York Sketchbooks arrive from the printer this evening, and I will be spending the weekend packing and shipping to get all the books out in full on Sat & Mon morning,

Arkansas Cover is finished, just putting together the interiors,

New Jersey Covers will be available either tonight or tomorrow, depends on when I shake down poor overworked Sanju,

Faro Summer 1867 is only 4 pages from being done, God Help Us,

Zeldara has 16 pages left to color, what a delightful romp its been,

Pixi Runner Script is finished, just waiting to see who I will be selecting for penciling chores,

As for the rest, here is the next chapter of both the American Safari and a follow up to the Dirty Disney Color Art Book with our next theme 

HAPPY HARLEY DAYS -- featuring Harley Quinn & Jessica Rabbit in the ultimate Bondage Play Date


Faro's American Safari now takes us to South Dakota, where we are Sturgis Hog Wild Chopper Style with SHE-RA -- The Princess of Power riding alongside SKELETOR,

As always your pledges are what make life the best of all,



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