Happy Monday my friends, I had the mother of all fishing trips this wknd, and caught more friggin snappers, yellowtails, yellowjacks and corgis then my stomach could handle.

So while I shop for a new plunger for my now busted and abused toilet, check out the updates for SLAVE ARIEL, just torturing Jose on who to add to the background, whether it be a Lobster Pimp Sebastian, or perhaps the floating corpse of Captain Jack Sparrow, complete with Amber Heard log :)

Still working out the important details, while picking up some new blanks for Emil to do Commissions out in Manila, I saw the new Mass Effect Legendary Art and got inspired to order two new commissions,

Any interested parties I have just added SLAVE TALI'ZORAH and MASS EFFECT HARLEY commissions to the Kickstarter.

Down below ye shall see a vision from Hook's Locker -- starring Tiger Lilly, Wendy and the Mermaid -- don't worry Peter Pan is coming to save them, he's just gonna hang outside and let them finish the game first :)




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