Happy Humps you Bumps,

Updates galore -- I'm meeting up with Jose Varese tmw to pick up some OG Art and Sign the rest of the Last of the Stash Posters from the Fantasy Football Kickstarter,

I'm waiting on another Palette Jack of Gemini Flash Mailers, so I will have the rest of the Harley 2 books and poster out in the mail this week, if I don't get arrested for murdering my local postal workers (loooong boring story, no Game of Thrones here)

As for Vermont, I am just waiting on the finished colors for the Ivy & Selina Poster, as well as the finished colors for the Edmonton Ice Cover, which I will have tonight and show off tmw,

Until then, enjoy these pencils and inks of our featured Slave Leia Steel Bikini Soldier of the month,


Happy Shopping True Believers,




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