Greetings my friends, I just got back from a roadie through Alabama, Atlanta and the Carolinas, and I took in my first ever SEC Game between the Crimson Tide and Texas A&M -- which literally came down to the last play of the game -- ROLL TIDE!

I've never seen so many beautiful blonde women in my life, both alumni and of course GASP! -- Sorority Row,

All I know is, I am either going to blow 3 years of my life to get a masters so I can be a legit college professor instead of lying to girls, or I can get one of those booking agents who sends you to campuses to do seminars//comic book panels,

Stay Tuned True Believers, a man can dream of new streams,

Any way, I have shipped out the rest of the NFL and Harley 2 packages, with a few left on the ledge once I meet up with Master Varese to pick up some OG Art and Signed Posters,

So out with the old in with OOOOUUUU,

Time for our next Kickstarter, ZELDARA 6, where Darth Disney starts making some mash as he attacks Mars with guns blazing and celebrities plummeting from the skies,

Darth Disney intends to infect Earth with the Woke Virus, and spread that bitch to the rest of the Solar System, including Zeldara's Pub on the Red Planet,

If you love comedy, or just collect our shit for the fuckin Covers you CGC BOSTARDS!!! (Cue Daemon chopping my head off!)

The two covers for this campaign will be an Anime Cover from the new guy from Bogota BICIO!!

Cover 2 is from my idol of art, the Cavewoman God himself, MASTER BUDD ROOT, who just gave me the first sketch when I hung out with him this weekend at SC Comic Con in Greenville,

ROLLLLLLLL  TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!, The Kickstarter is Live!!!



Budd Root Kickstarter

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