Greetings my friends, I await anxiously outside my window with candles lit, for the coming of the army of Brown Clad UPS Soldiers delivering a large jack of 2,000 Gemini Flash Mailers,


So while I wait and wax poetic, I am meeting up with Master Varese tonight to dine on some Thai and exchange some art and sign some posters,

That will officially finish up the Fantasy Football and Harley 2 campaigns, save for sending out any other original art, commissions or of course the damaged treasures that seem to be inevitable casualties of our global and metaversal takeover :)

With packages being filled and swilled, I now have a count of how many LTD books I have left from previous campaigns, so along with celebrating the finished colors of the SLAVE MYSTIQUE TRIO, I have also have in my coffers -- 17 TINKERBELL COVERS Left from the Zeldara V campaign,

Serially Numbered to 250 and SIGNED by MASTER JOSE VARESE TONIGHT!!! These last 17 babies feature Darth Disney's Ultimate Enforcer and Spy TINKERBELL being forced up into a very special Amazon Torture Chamber, courtesy of the Stinky Snatch Tunnel of one WONDER WOMAN 1984,

For those who want to know, the story is inside the book,

I'm charging $69 a piece for the final 17, which comes with the Signature and Grogu Yoga Laptop Sticker, and if I'm in that kind of mood, I may throw in a Mystery Book,

Happy Shopping my friends, two weeks left on the Kickstarter for Zeldara 6



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