Happy Friday everyone, the rest of the Harley 2 and Fantasy Football books have gone out, so those of you who missed out on certain books and posters, I will be dropping the listings on here, but first the latest update to the Slave Leia Mystique Colors, this one is of course the Slave Steel Bikini all punched and looking for a new metallurgist, 

As always, you can pick it up on the new Faro Kickstarter for Zeldara 6,


So first up on the chopping block are the LTD Books, I'll send an update for the Last of the Stash Posters tmw,

First up is the Happy Harley Days 2 Slumber Party Variant MATURE EDITION -- I am down to the last one after shipping them all out,

There is only one left and always wonderfully dramatic is the #100 of 100 and I am letting it go for the ballsy collector who will drop $100 on it,

100/100 and the last of the stash -- now of course, the C-Note price tag comes with your choice of two LTD Last of the Stash SIGNED Jose Varese Posters to join u on your journey into Gotham Slumber or choose ONE of the other LTD Books for your mantle.


And for those you who want those last little SIGNED VARESE LTDs -- I have ?? left of the Colombia Comic Cons and ?? left of the Jolly Green Giganta ECCC Variant.

Grab them here,


and here,







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