Happy Sunday my friends -- had another friend in town this weekend looking for some philosophy and wisdom from your man FK -- the kind that comes on top of a pile of wine and scallops,

Good news is the California packages will be shipping Monday, as per the latest response to the drones I've been hovering over the printer in Arizona,

To be honest, while I'm happy with their printing quality and such, much like you, I can't stand waiting on updates and just want the fuckin package out to you already,

So for this month's Kickstarter and last month's Kickstarter, I'll be taking over the shipping again personally, unless of course they surprise me with some last minute chivalry :)

While we wait for Monday, check out the MATURE Variant of the FARO 1 -- F*&K Snow White Cover, as well as the FROST TWINS CHOPPER POSTER,

Available as always, on the new Faro Kickstarter,

Happy Snail Trails,




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